Customer Attraction Coach for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

 AL JOHNSON is a Customer Attraction Expert with 30 Years of Experience Creating, Teaching and Implementing  Customer Attraction Marketing Systems for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Direct Selling Professionals, Direct Response Marketers, Network Marketers, Internet Marketers, Inventors, Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Coaches and Experts.

Last week, I had the remarkably good fortune to stumble upon a presentation entitled, "The Insider Secrets of Attracting Customers!" It was presented by Al Johnson. Mr. Johnson is an 8th-Degree Black-Belt Master of Marketing with lethal competition-eliminating skills. He created the system in 1994 (to help a struggling sales professional close 10 of 10!), has trained thousands in over 500 live nationwide seminars, and he'll bury you alive with 3-days worth of ready-to-use and proven wealth-building resources, sales techniques, and strategies in under 2 hours. It doesn't matter what you're selling...his stuff is amazing and will absolutely explode your income. Al, that was an amazing webinar and way, way, way beyond anything I expected. You must have set a new world record, Al, for "Most Information Per Hour!" I'm sure you're exhausted.


Al, Since our team first implemented the new marketing system our customer response has increased three-fold.


Dear Al, I just want to thank you for opening my eyes to marketing. When I first started in the industry, I was told the typical things as far as selling go. Telemarketing leads, cold calling, etc. I found out the hard and depressing way that PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE SOLD! THEY WANT TO BUY! I took your advice and tried your Customer Attraction Marketing System program with the 200 "old leads" the Company gladly gave me at no cost. I retrieved 50 responses; 10 called me for an appointment. Guess what? I CLOSED ALL TEN! Al, those were the easiest closings I have ever done. I'm just getting started in the business, but I know for a fact this beats THE COLD CALLING REJECTIONS AND THE SO-CALLED TELEMARKETING LEADS. THESE ARE QUALIFIED LEADS. They are ready to do business when I come. Since implementing your methods, my business has flourished. I'm receiving more than enough responses from my ads to keep me very, very busy. I want to apologize for not writing you sooner, but about a week since implementing your methods, my phone has not stop ringing. This marketing concept is phenomenal! The customer attraction marketing approach is what I needed, because of the kind of person I am. It's non-evasive and the people come to you if they're interested, instead of badgering them. Great program. I highly recommend it.


Wow! Al! Amazing! I am excited. Customer Attraction Marketing. What a concept! I am ready. Makes so much sense, everything you said! What you just offered in 1 hour is worth many thousands of dollars at the very least.


Al Johnson is an ultimate professional. I have known him for 12 or more years and while working with him he always gives value first, he's very friendly and he has an extraordinary ability to get people engaged. Knowing him is something you will always want to maintain for a long time. I have 3 ways to describe Mr. Al Johnson...Highly Professional, Knows Direct Marketing very well and Results Oriented. His Customer Attraction Marketing System gives a professional marketer hope in the jungle out there.


Al, All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow. I have been in business for over 35 years. In all these years, this had to be by far the BEST marketing system I have ever seen. I can DO this! I truly believe this can be life changing for me.


"Al, in one word - TERRIFIC! Powerful know-how. I have been in sales for over 20 years and been to dozens of seminars. You are right there at the top with the best of them."


Hello Al, I have been in business for the past twenty years. I learned more yesterday than I have in my entire career on how to promote my business and generate a predictable system to do so. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!


Over the past 58 years of living, I've had occasion to hear quite a number of speakers. I should say that I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Mr. Al Johnson. So much of the information that I am routinely presented with in this day and age, smacks of qualification, reservation, and hesitation. Not so with the webinar by Mr. J. The truth is indeed refreshing and the plan for increasing sales makes great sense to me. It was an invigorating and inspiring event.


Hello Al, Let me first say that that was the most incredible presentation I have ever seen for anything!!! My head is about to explode with all of the information that you packed into that hour and fifteen-minute presentation. This has opened my eyes to becoming a marketer of many different things. Al I think that you have changed my life with this information and I plan to be one of those success stories that you share in the future. I look forward to establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship!


This dude Al Johnson has the best marketing seminar I've ever seen. I'm excited for the first time in years.


Al, For lack of words, that presentation was the bomb!! I have been told by many, marketing is important, but you are the first person that has laid out a workable, user-friendly method of understanding the simplicity with examples, and tools to use. Please continue to help and encourage people like myself that we can make it.


The hour plus spent with you, Al Johnson, has been one of the most enlightening and informative hours I've ever spent in over 40 years of sales and marketing.


Al, Your Customer Attraction Marketing System was really an eye opener for me. I find your system methodical and innovative so this will definitely prepare me for future marketing techniques. You reveal the secrets as to how multi-billion dollar companies target market successfully. This is so valuable that words alone cannot express your generosity.


Dear Al, Wow! Thanks so much for your valuable and useful information. You are a very excellent speaker and kept me glued to the edge of my seat for over 90 minutes. I look forward to implementing this information and realizing results immediately..


Al is absolutely wonderful. He has a tremendously engaging personality, is a wonderful speaker and is extremely knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed learning about his customer attraction marketing system. We need to do all that we can to set ourselves apart from the competition and Al sure has brilliant ways to make sure we do just that. He gave us all the tools we need to launch a very successful marketing strategy.


Al, You not only have a wealth of information, but you are very generous with sharing that information to help others. I really do appreciate that. I came home and told my husband what a refreshing experience it was visiting with you.


Al, too good of a presentation. Info was very useful. Thanks for everything, and a great pleasure to encounter an individual of your caliber.


Al Johnson is a rare breed in the world of Marketing and Sales. He has a high degree of expertise and experience in how to get new customers and clients, and is able to train others using a gradual step-by-step approach that is easy to grasp. The "rare breed" I refer to is the level of integrity and humility that he has. I trust his advice. I consider him a mentor, and am grateful for what he has taught me. In addition, he is a fabulous speaker and trainer. Get him in front of a room, and no matter how dull the material, he will have everyone laughing and enjoying what they are learning. I highly recommend Al Johnson to help you with your business!


Hi Al, Talking with you has been inspirational and uplifting. You make your marketing strategies, especially of direct marketing, clear and unintimidating to implement. I am excited to put them to use. Thank you for your support and the enthusiasm you have for what you do.


Hi Al...Wow! That was a totally enlightened marketing conversation we had today! You can be sure I will read your email....unlike thousands of others! Your genuine approach is most welcome! Thank You Very Much!


Al, After 30 years in the business, I usually do not get a lot out of seminars, but I will say you have out done yourself. The information was priceless!


Wow! Al! Amazing! I am excited. Customer Attraction Marketing. What a concept! I am ready. Makes so much sense, everything you said! What you just offered in 1 hour is worth many thousands of dollars at the very least. Many thanks!


Al, I am so grateful for such a wealth of information you share with all of us. I am blown away at how much you are willing to help business owners, authors, etc., learn your Customer Attraction Marketing System. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I have to do as a small business owner but thanks to you, I feel empowered to redirect my focus on the information you shared. I look forward to improved sales, better time management and the relationships I will build as I grow my database. Thanks so much.


Al Johnson is a rare combination of Marketing genius and moral compass! Every resource he had access to was given to help me, not only for the company's success, but also mine! His every action was centered in a guileless loyal integrity. We all know this is the rare mark of Greatness!


Al, It filled in a lot of the gaps in my marketing and selling processes, both online and offline. You have put together a wealth of information into a simple and transferable step-by-step formula that any newbie or old veteran can put to use ASAP. Thanks, is all I can say. I can see why thorough treatment takes 2-3 days.


Dear Al, Wow! I thank you for the most complete and practicable success-support system overview ever! I'm amazed by the comprehensiveness and helpfulness of the information you've provided in this presentation! I thank you for your care, your enthusiasm, and your generosity! I'm inspired to look anew at what I provide and how to connect with & serve others via the customer attraction approach.


Al, Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us today.Your marketing experience comes through loud and clear. You touch on points that make a person sit back and say "WOW... it all makes sense".


Mr. Johnson, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am a sales professional and have struggled to get in front on people that wanted what I have to offer them. But now with the information you have supplied me I feel I have the Holy Grail. I am so confident that my struggling day's are over now that I have this new information from you.


Al Johnson showed me step by step how to make money working at home. Thanks to Al, I made the future happen now. The information Al gave me has give me a chance to have unlimited income. Everyday I work less, but make more. My books Act Smart and Acting Edge have surpassed my expectations in sales. Al Johnson teaches marketing at its finest.


I have been in business for more years than I care to admit to; and thought I knew most of what there was to know. However; I was mistaken.  I am now planning to use his methods in my new program. I'm looking forward to much better results than I have experienced in the past.


I feel like the training was exceptional! Al is so very knowledgeable, while being motivational as well. I have truly benefited from his customer attraction marketing techniques. I finally realize through Al Johnson's training, I can build a huge customer base for many years to come, creating much wealth for me and my family in the future!


I highly recommend Al Johnson for marketing expertise. His sincerity, personal interest, attention to details, and knowledge about customer attraction marketing is impressive and helpful. He is one of the best.


Hi Al, Wow, you are an awesome dude. I am very impressed with you and the Customer Attraction Marketing System. Thank-you for sharing your valuable expertise.


Al, A lot of "A-haaa" moments for me...Your phrase: "Become a welcomed guest instead of an uninvited pest" was awesome.... can't tell you how many times I was the latter.... I need to become the former..."Systems make more money than people do"... now that's simple and yet profound.... Looks like in order to work smarter instead of harder... the right implementation of a SYSTEM is the way to accomplish that.


I have known Al for over 20 years. We have worked together on various marketing campaigns for different products and services across many industries. I have learned from Al that selling is all about marketing. It is marketing that keeps the sales coming and keeps your business alive. I would highly recommend Al for any of your marketing needs. Give him a try -- you won't be disappointed!


The Customer Attraction Marketing Sessions with Al Johnson were outstanding! But what really set this training apart was his unique marketing approach! The fact that he shared with us his Customer Attraction Marketing System, lets you know his commitment. He truly wants to see you succeed and I truly appreciated his concern about our business.


Hey Al, That was great, I have never seen anything like that.


I've been to a lot of seminars and this was EXCELLENT! Thanks for the new ideas and techniques. I've been rejuvenated!


Al, It's nothing short of FANTASTIC! The sales team were so pumped up. They raved about all the great marketing ideas you gave them.


Al, Your advice has proved valuable in opening my eyes to what I was not doing to improve my business. I have increased my business considerably.


Al, Thank you so much for the eye opening presentation! What a great concept... Have the client come to you!!!


Al, This will help set me apart from the competition!


Al Johnson has spelled out a system that makes sense and creates a list of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. I appreciate his knowledge, teaching ability, and professionalism, as well as the time and effort he has put into his presentations.


Al, Thank you for the Customer Attraction Marketing System. It was good to hear how to relate to a potential customer or client from their prospective or how they are thinking, not being sold. Even though I am a "starving" sales professional (smile), I am a customer myself and I prefer to do business in the way that I would respond positively to.


Al, What a great investment of my time.


Hi Al, Wow, you are an awesome dude. I am very impressed with you and your Customer Attraction Marketing System. Thank you for sharing your valuable expertise.


Mr. Johnson, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am a sales professional and have struggled to get in front of people that wanted what I have to offer them. But now with the information you have supplied me I feel I have the Holy Grail. I am so confident that my struggling days are over now that I have this new information from you.


Al, Great presentation. I've been excited about creating something to grow my marketing list... But until your presentation today, I had no clear strategy how to build it, and how cultivate it into real money.



Al, I Want More Information on Customer Attraction Marketing.

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